Share your Google Plus posts on Facebook

08 July 2011

If you want to post on Google+ and want that post to appear on Facebook as well, it’s simple: hop to Facebook Mobile and look for the ‘Upload by Email’ section. Copy that email, add it as either one of your friends or to a special ‘Facebook’ circle like I did, and voila: Whenever you post to Google+ and post to the circle Facebook Mobile is in, your post will be shared across Facebook.

Bitmask attributes on a Rails application

06 April 2011

Today I had to develop a model that would require one or more roles assigned to it. This is a common problem when dealing with user roles. One of the usual approaches (and the one I went for) is to use bit masks.

Byobu > Terminal tabs

04 April 2011

For the last three days I’ve been using Byobu. It’s basically screen but with a nice menu for settings things up, easier management controls and sort of ‘tray’. It also handles tabs (as it uses screen).